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Michael Waddington INBA
Michael Waddington INBA

Join Team Waddington

PNBA Natural Mr Olympia, Hall of Fame athlete & INBA Australian President.

Joining Team Waddington is greater than being a part of an ordinary comp team, it's about joining a movement that truly focuses on your development as an athlete, pushing you to the limits and reaching your best performance.


Bodybuilding has been a lifestyle for me for over 30 years. 


I first experienced bodybuilding as a 15 year old army family kid learning the basics in the gym from a former commando at the land warfare centre in Canungra Queensland.


This fuelled my passion for the sport and when I moved to Brisbane I began learning from other bodybuilders as well as from training in many gyms throughout Brisbane.


Reading and research is something I believe in strongly, and through trial and error of endless nutrition and training regimes I learnt a lot about improving my physique.


This pathway of learning inspired me to gain qualifications in the fitness industry to get a better science based understanding, which not only helped me but all those who touch my life.

Whether you join Team Waddington to compete, achieve a goal or for fitness - you will learn skills that you will be able to apply, the same effort and disciplines to your working career, relationships and friendships.

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